jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

In the last picture you can see there´s a bed, a table, a chest game, a mirror and many chairs.

let´s teach the children to throw the garbage on the dump
Do not waste electricity if you don´t need to
Stop cutting down the trees

it´s very important that we all think about the enviroment and try to minimize the contamination because it´s a problem that causes damage to the whole world.

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

2do corte

1.- Marian: Miguel, do you like to travel?
Miguel: yes, i do.

2.- Marian: Miguel, what do you do on weekend?
Miguel: I usually sleep and get some rest but i also go out with my friends.

3.- Marian: Miguel, who is your best friend?
Miguel: My best friend is kelly, we are very close and we know we count with each other.

4.- Marian: Miguel, what is your favorite food?
Miguel: My favorite food is pizza

5.- Marian: Miguel, who is your favorite singer?
Miguel: My favorite singer is Nicole Pillman.

1.- Miguel: Marian, Do you have a boyfriend?
Marian: Yes, i do :$.

2.- Miguel: Marian, what do you do for fun?
Marian: I use to go out, watch tv and chat.

3.- Miguel: Marian, Do you like to study?
Marian: Yes, i like to study.

4.- Miguel: Marian, Do you use to exercise?
Marian: Yes, i use to run every week to be healthy.

5.- Miguel: Marian, Do you like English?
Marian: Yes, i like english, i am trying to learn as much as i can.